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Corporate Wellness
Corporate wellness with me...
What you can expect from this corporate wellness program?
Education, implementation and sustainability
Resulting in... Increased engagement, employee wellness, adaptability, better productivity and performance.
We work with teams and individuals educating them in realistic, easily digestible bite-sized chunks, as we are aware everyone learns differently.
How we do this...
This service is delivered by a carefully designed question and answer style talk, specifically tailored to enquire as to what the main health issues and concerns are within the group. Tailoring the group's greatest need and prioritising that first. By using simple steps that are put in place we can start to alleviate some of these concerns immediately.
Set by example...
In my experience, this process becomes most beneficial when one engages managers and leaders of the team in one-to-one coaching to further support the team for the longer-term moving forward. This is coupled with accountability, nutrition, movement and mindfulness techniques, resulting in lower stress levels, increased energy and raised individual and team spirit. The result? Better productivity, performance and ultimately profitability.
What we offer...
  •  Free exploratory session to identify your needs and give you an idea of our programs
  • Choose from a One-off Day, Monthly, or Yearly basis Corporate Wellness Programme, depending on the needs of your organization.
  • Specifically tailored workshops to suit your needs, delivered through wellness days these can be presented as a short 30-minute talk or 60 minutes with questions and answers.
  • Bespoke programs for individuals on a 1-2-1 basis. These are specifically designed to help individuals with increased anxiety and stress.
  • Offer a service of accountability to monitor results so you can see improvements.
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