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Meal Planning
What you can expect from this program.
Bespoke meal planning service for everyone. If you are looking to lose weight, feel fitter, whether it's for health reasons or anything else, I can help you.
What you can expect from this plan.
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Weekly accountability check-ins via WhatsApp
  • Once a week follow-up call via zoom or WhatsApp video call
  • Emotional and motivation support throughout the program.
This program is for you if.........
  • Want to live a healthier life
  • You've been thinking about starting your vegan journey but are not sure where to start or would just like some guidance
  • Getting married.
  • Summer/ Beach fit
  • Vegan Body Building
Ready to make a change? Heal your gut and trust your intuition

Book a FREE 15-minute call with me now to get started.
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